CNC lathe, Mills and Grinder capacities

Check out the capacities of our equipment.

Mazak Intergrex.                                                     Mazak MSY.

Y Axis = 100mm                                                           Y Axis = 50mm

Max M/C Length Z Axis = 735mm                         Max M/C Length = 285mm

Max M/C Ø = 545mm                                                  Max M/C Ø = 280mm

Spindle Ø = 52mm                                                         Spindle Ø = 52mm

Barfeeder                                                                           Barfeeder


Mazak MS                                                                       Mazak 6T

Max M/C Length = 285mm                                       Max M/C Length = 150mm

Max M/C Ø = 280mm                                                  Max M/C Ø = 130mm

Spindle Ø = 43mm                                                        Spindle Ø = 35mm

Barfeeder                                                                          Barfeeder


Mazak 410B M/C Centre.

Max M/C Length/Width = 762mm/410mm

Max M/C Height = 510mm


Mazak VTC Machine Centre.

Max M/C Length/Width = 1950mm/510mm

Max M/C Height = 510mm


Kasuga Machine Centre

Max M/C Length/Width = 1200mm/600mm

Max M/C Height = 600mm


Jones & Shipman Snow Grinder.                 Toz Grinder

Max M/C Length = 450mm                                       Max M/C Length = 1 meter

Max M/C Width = 100mm                                         Max M/C Width = 300mm

Max M/C Height = 120mm                                        Max M/C Height = 300mm


Snow Grinder.

Max M/C Length = 1 meter

Max M/C Width = 380mm

Max M/C Height = 250mm